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Wood Pruned From Tyler's Treasured Tree Becomes a Beautiful Bowl

by Sam Lemon - posted 12/11/2007


Tyler Arboretum's Cedar of Lebanon, a state champion tree, gets special treatment, and is commemorated in artwork by woodcarver Tom Pleatman.


Bowl from Cedar of Lebabnon with Rick Colbert, Mike Karkowski, Harvey Lerman and Tom Pleatman

(The photo at top right shows (from left) Executive Director Richard A. Colbert, Director of Horticulture Mike Karkowski, Harvey Lerman, Exton Office Local Manager and Certified Arborist for Bartlett Tree Experts, and woodcarver Tom Pleatman.)

As a way of giving thanks for his dedicated service in caring for one of Tyler Arboretum’s ancient and most treasured trees, a quiet ceremony was recently held to recognize Harvey Lerman, Certified Arborist from Bartlett Tree Experts.

Earlier this year, Bartlett “adopted” the majestic Cedar of Lebanon as part of its Centennial Tree Program.

Nearly ten stories tall, the Cedar of Lebanon is one of Tyler’s four state champion trees planted by Quaker brothers Jacob and Minshall Painter in the mid-1800s. Bartlett experts pruned the tree of dead wood, installed additional support cables, and upgraded its lightning protection system.

Lerman, who also serves as Bartlett’s Exton Office Local Manager, provided oversight for the project.

Tyler’s Arboretum Manager, Jeff Wilson, had fortunately saved a piece of the tree’s pruned wood, which was then given to local craftsman Tom Pleatman.

Pleatman creates unique works of art from what he calls “turned wood,” taken from local trees that have already fallen. In this case, he created a magnificent bowl from a piece of the great Cedar of Lebanon.

Pleatman has been a woodcarver since his teenage years. Each work of art that he lovingly unlocks from a piece of wood, tells a story or commemorates some meaningful event or nostalgic connection a property owner has for a beloved tree that eventually fell victim to the limits of its natural lifespan, or the inevitable ravages of time.

In the hands of a master craftsman like Pleatman, what might otherwise become fodder for a fireplace in winter evolves into a highly polished and fluid work of art.

Tom’s turned wood bowls are serviceable, sculptured, remarkable pieces that capture the beauty of the wood’s deep grains, knots, and distinctive colors and patterns. They serve as testaments to the transcendent spirit of Nature, and mankind’s natural love for trees that shelter our homes and shade our landscapes for decades, and sometimes even centuries.

The conservation and stewardship of one of Nature’s most precious resources -- fortunately found in abundance at Tyler Arboretum -- could not be better exemplified than through the care, commitment, and superb skills of people like Harvey Lerman and Tom Pleatman.

To see other fine works of art handcrafted by Tom Pleatman, which are also available for purchase, visit Tyler Arboretum’s gift shop and Visitors Center, at 515 Painter Road, in Media, PA, 19063.


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